Digital Marketing is constantly changing because consumers behaviors are also changing.  Three decades ago, having a website was enough to build a solid online presence.  Then, social media came, and business owners realized that consumers want to engage with the content that they publish online.

 Now, business owners are finally starting to understand the importance of Google to attract more local customers.

Google has been talking a lot about micro-moments lately. Micro-moments occur when people turn to a connected device to do something, learn something, or buy something.

Google’s study shows mainly three things:

1)Mobile Marketing is vital for local businesses

2)Intent-based searches are increasing

3)Customers want to find information fast

Mobile Marketing

Let’s talk about mobile marketing first.

The rise of smartphones is reshaping your business’s relationship with their customers.  A customer may be searching for your business while they’re near your store, just across the street, or maybe even at your store!

In fact, 50% of customers use their phones to shop while they’re in a store.

Intent-based search

Intent-based searches occur when customers are willing to perform an action.

They’re somehow interested in what your business has to offer, and may want to give you a call, visit your website, or buy something from you. That action largely depends on what they find online about your business. It’s a make-or-break moment!

That’s why a well-maintained Google My Business listing can get 5 times more views than a profile that is incomplete.

Fast information

Google’s Micro-moments study also shows us that customers want to find information fast.

They’re getting more impatient and they want to see information about your business as quick as possible.

So, here’s something to think about: Over 60% of customers expect brands to give them the information they need when they need it
…but less than half feel that brands are delivering!

How do your customers search?

They’ll open Google to search for something like restaurants, auto dealers, or health facilities.

A significant portion of them will add “near me” to what they’re looking for, so it’s extremely important to have an accurate business address.

What Customers see first

They will see a map with a few search results. This is often referred to as the Google snack pack. Each one contains basic information like business name, address, and a photo.

Depending on what your customers are looking for, Google can display additional information like a short description, reviews, and opening hours.

Benefits for your business

  • Promote your products.
  • Attract more online customers.
  • Let customers know about your upcoming events.
  • Drive more sales.
  • Increase foot traffic to your store.
  • Get information in front of people.
  • Complement your GMB listing and social media strategy.
  • Stand out from the competition.

How Raydius Digital help maximize Google My Business Post

Here’s what’s included in this service:

You’ll have monthly calls with our team to discuss a content strategy. Basically, we want to know more about your business, products, and audience, so we can use this information to create your posts.

Our experienced writers will create and post 4 promotional posts on your behalf every month. They’ll have the opportunity to read and approve these posts before we publish them.

Ideally, we want to use images of your store and products, but we can also use stock images if needed.

You’ll have access to a monthly report, so you can know how online customers are engaging with your posts.  Also, if you don’t have a claimed Google My Business profile, it’s included in this service!

As you can see, they are very promotional, concise, and can contain call-to-action buttons to increase engagement and drive results.

It’s important to notice that Google will automatically delete posts after 7 days. The reason is to ensure that online customers are seeing the most up-to-date information when they find a business online.