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Website Designers Near Me

Website Designers Near Me

If you live in New York, a Google search for the phrase "Website designers near me" might reveal far more results than you expect! The fact of the matter is; New York is inundated with all sorts of marketers, web devs, and web designers who are competing for your business. However, choosing a web designer is both a science and an art form. You'll want to be careful about who you choose, or you'll wind up wasting a ton of money and still end up having to pay someone else to do the job the right way.

Whether you choose Designme Marketing for New York web design or not, we still want you to have a great experience with your designer. Therefore, please read the following information before hiring a web designer. Doing so might save from having a regrettable experience!

Not All Web Designers are Professionals

Would you want a 40-year-old guy in his underwear, living in his mom's basement designing your website? Would you want a 17-year-old kid working on your website's design after school, before doing his homework? This isn't to say that the guy in his underwear and the kid doing his homework don't have any skills or knowledge of web design. Still, your website is a reflection of you. Just like you wouldn't want some middle-aged guy in his underwear or some high-school kid servicing your establishment, so too, you don't want that for your website's design.

You want a professional website designer who works in a real office and is an employee of a real agency. You don't want some random freelancer on Upwork or some person who decided to register a domain name and call themselves a web designer.

Outsourcing Your Website Design Off-Shore is NOT the Answer

To save money, many people will hire website designers in India for their projects. However, Indians are not native English-speaking people. Indians do not understand American markets, New York markets, idioms, slang, ideas, etc. Therefore, even very skilled web designers in India often cannot give their American clients what they are looking for. Then, if you piss the Indian web designer off, they'll likely spam your site with porn, gambling, all other sorts of bad content that can negatively affect your site's ranking in the SERPs, and don't get us started on what they can do if they have access to your FTP server. Pay a few more dollars and hire locally. We can't overstate how important this is!

Build Your Content First

Your website designer is not a magician or a mind reader. It's very hard to create a design around nothing. Just like it is very hard to create an exterior of a home around nothing. You have to build the framework first. In website design, the framework is your content. It's always easier for a website designer to design around your content. Make sure you have some images, videos, and text for the pages you need designed.


Website Designers Near Me
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